Operation of the Aero Association of the California Institute of Technology is managed by its Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is elected by the general membership during the Spring General Membership meeting. Each AACIT officer serves for one year.

The board, as elected at the AACIT membership meeting on June 3rd, 2020 is:
Vice President:
Assistant Treasurer:
Flight Director:
Maintenance Supervisor:
CIT Director-At-Large:
CIT Director-At-Large:
N19760 Maintenance Director:
N2824Y Maintenance Director:
N54678 Maintenance Director:
N5997V Maintenance Director:
N89084 Maintenance Director:

Maintenance Directors for leased aircraft:
N599PM Maintenance Director:
N98326 Maintenance Director:
N91236 Maintenance Director:

Club members may contact the whole board through

Flight Standards Committee (FSC)
The flight Standards Commmittee is composed of the Flight Director and two other active members of the club who are not on the Board of Directors. The duties of the FSC are to review the proficiency of members and flight instructors of AACIT, and to decide the responsibility and liability for any incident or accident involving AACIT aircraft. The FSC may also recommend to the BoD operational procedures designed to ensure safe operation and airworthiness of AACIT aircraft. The members of the FSC are recommended by the Flight Director, and then elected by the BoD within two weeks of the Spring General Membership Meeting.

The members of Flight Standards Committee for this year are:
Kevin Baines
Aron Wolf
Larry D’Addario

For comments or further information, please contact the Board of Directors:

PO Box 61022
Pasadena, CA 91116

You can email the board at board[at]